Monday, October 1, 2012

Minnie Mouse Inspired

For a recent trip to Disneyland and California Adventure I borrowed my sister's shirt and that, along with the work of @ohtammm on Instagram, inspired my Minnie Mouse nail design.

The design is the same on both hands but just showed my non-dominant hand.
Thumb: SinfulColors Pink Forever with Orly Instant Artist Crisp White
Index: Julep Kate and I dipped a straw into Essie Licorice, SinfulColors Pink Forever, and Sonia Kashuk Smoke and Mirrors for the abstract design.
Middle: SinfulColors Pink Forever with OPI Pink-ing of You polka dots, Essie Licorice for Minnie Mouse silhouette, Sonia Kashuk Smoke and Mirrors for the bow, and a single pink glitter from Milani Hot Pink.
Ring: Sonia Kashuk Smoke and Mirrors.
Pinky: SinfulColors Pink Forever with Julep Kate and Essie Licorice polka dots.
Natural Lighting
Here is the shirt that inspired the design and my sister's Minnie Mouse Ears. (Indoor Lighting.)