Monday, November 26, 2012

SinfulColors Hazard

I haven't found a SinfulColors polish that I didn't love. They have a very smooth and creamy formula and Hazard is the perfect example of that. I wish my nails had not chipped because then I would still have the square nail shape but I'm trying to embrace the round/oval nail shape I now have.


  1. Hazard looks so pretty on you! Your nails look nice, too. I had to deal with the same thing a few weeks ago, but as soon as they got long enough to square again, I was happy once more (of course, by then I had made friends with my new nail shape :) )

    1. Thank you. I'm looking forward to having square nails again like this soon. This is an older manicure but in my Ciate post you can see my round nails. (My blog posts are a little out of order because I forget to post them sometimes.)