Friday, August 10, 2012

Seche Restore Review

I used Restore on an Essie top coat and several nail polishes from several brands. From left to right (these are the oldest ones I was working on): OPI What's With the Cattitude? was thick and clumpy, now it's liquid again. ChinaGlaze Love Marilyn was an un-spreadable glitter and now it's smooth on the brush. Essie Mint Candy Apple was thick and would not evenly coat the brush, here you can see a little drip about to fall because it is once again a glitter. OPI Merry Midnight was a thick, clumpy glitter, and now it spreads smoothly. I have to end up using about 10 drops of Restore for each bottle and I think I need to work on some other ones again later on.

But look at what happened with one of my recent manicures. I used Seche Restore in my older Essie Good to Go and it did bring back the original smooth consistency, but when I used Good to Go, it shrunk my colored nail polish. Seche Vite shrinks my polish as well. So here's my theory: Since Restore "replaces key ingredients which may have evaporated over time," Butli Acetate, Toluene, and or Isopropyl Alcohol must be to blame. I'm using OPI Start to Finish now and it left some weird bubbles on my nail but that may have been because I went to bed right away. More testing is in order. 

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