Thursday, April 25, 2013

L'Oréal Orange You Jealous

I recently went on a polish splurge and got nine new polishes plus a new Seche Vite top coat and, to try for the first time, CND Stickey base coat. Thank goodness I had a 30 percent of coupon from Ulta!

One of the polishes I have been wanting to try out is L'Oréal Orange You Jealous, as well as every other spring polish in the world.

This is three coats with no top coat. The color is a creamy orange and the formula is pretty smooth. It did take three coats to cover up any streaky spots, but I'm glad it didn't end up being thick.


  1. This one is also gorgeous! I like how it leans more coral :) what do you think of the CND sticky base coat?

    1. Thank you. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I usually get email alerts to comments but must have missed this one. I like the CND Sticky base coat...however, it didn't really last me that long. I have about a quarter left in the bottle and it's now too thick to use. If you paint your nails a few times a week though, I'm sure that you won't encounter the same problem.